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Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions

1. Do you sell pre-paid phones?
Yes. We sell phones for MetroPCS, Boost Mobile, Page Plus, and Cricket. The phones we sell for AT&T and T-Mobile should work with their prepaid services. We cannot 100% guarantee that Verizon phones will work with their prepaid service. When in doubt, please contact your carrier to see which phones will be supported by your plan.

2. What exactly is prepaid service?
Prepaid cell phone service is when you're paying for your cell phone service in advanced as opposed to post paid service, where you pay after you've used service. There are two basic types of prepaid service: service where you buy what are called "top-up" cards with a set denomination for individual minutes, and then "pay-as-you go" plans, which are like traditional post-paid plans but you pay for a month's service in advance.

3. Who are the prepaid service providers in the US/what companies offer prepaid service?
There are numerous prepaid service providers in the US. We sell phones for MetroPCS, Boost Mobile, Page Plus, and Cricket. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon all offer prepaid plans as well.

4. What is GSM?
GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is a mobile technology used worldwide. As a matter of fact, it is the most widely used mobile technology in the world. GSM customers are assigned SIM cards to access service from their carrier.

5. What is a SIM card?
A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Card is a detachable smart card containing a user's information from their service provider and a phone book (up to 250 contacts may be saved to a SIM). This allows you to keep your information when switching phones.

6. What is CDMA?
CDMA (Code division multiple access) is a type of cellular technology that is popular in the US. Service providers who use this technology require manual programming for these types of phones.

7. What is the difference between GSM and CDMA?
Without getting into exact technical terms, GSM carriers use SIM cards to transmit service to their customers, and CDMA carriers require programming to get service.

8. Which US carriers support a GSM SIM card?
The major US carriers that support GSM are AT&T and T-Mobile.

9. Doesn't Nextel Support SIM cards too?
Yes, they do, but they use a different technology called iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network) and that technology is completely separate from GSM.

10. What is iDEN?
iDEN is a mobile technology that allows for the use of a two-way radio network, as well as a traditional cell phone network.

11. Which US carriers support CDMA?
Cricket, Metro PCS, Page Plus, Sprint, US Cellular, and Verizon are the major CDMA carriers in the US we carry phones for.

12. Can I use another carrier’s phone on my network?
No. You must get a phone specific to your carrier. We have pre-sorted categories on our site, so you can shop through one of these to make sure you’re getting a phone you can use.

13. What are unlocked phones?
Unlocked phones are GSM phones that are not specific to a carrier and use a SIM card for service. For example, if you’re an AT&T customer and you really like the Samsung Highlight, normally you wouldn’t be able to use it. If the Highlight has been unlocked, it can be used on AT&T. Unlocking a phone removes the original carrier’s network restrictions.

14. Can I use an unlocked phone on Verizon/Sprint?
Unlocked phones cannot be used with CDMA carriers. CDMA carriers can only use carrier branded phones. This is due to network restrictions and technological differences between the CDMA carriers.

15. Can I use an unlocked phone on Nextel/Boost Mobile?
No. Although these carriers use SIM cards for service, the technology is different. GSM phones will not read a Nextel/Boost SIM.

16. I have Verizon/Sprint, and I have a World Edition Blackberry with a SIM slot. Can I use that SIM card in an unlocked phone?
No. The unlocked phones we sell will not work with those carriers. If you have a World Edition Blackberry or other Smartphone on these networks it may accept a SIM card, but it is not necessary to operate the phone or any other phone on your network.

17. Can I flash another carrier’s phone to my network (CMDA)?
Some carriers may allow this (Cricket is one), but there are restrictions. We do not guarantee that any phones you have flashed will work. We do not provide support for phones you have flashed, and we cannot accept these items back.

18. What is a Smartphone?
A Smartphone is a phone that has premium features (email, HTML web access, GPS, etc) and uses a large amount of data. All carriers require an additional data plan (in addition to your monthly voice service) to use/activate a Smartphone on their network. Please contact your carrier for more information and pricing.

19. I bought an unlocked phone and there is no internet or picture messaging.
Unlocked phones do not come pre-loaded with your carrier’s software (unless it was originally locked to your carrier). For picture mail and the internet, you will have to get the settings from your carrier, or you may do a Google search and find them on the internet. AT&T customers in particular seem to have this problem more than T-Mobile customers.

20. Why don’t you provide these settings?
Since we are not a cell phone carrier, we don't have the settings on hand. They are widely available, and most of the time they can be obtained from your provider.

21. I don’t see my carrier listed here; can I still buy a phone from you?
It depends on what technology your provider uses. If your provider is a GSM provider, you can use any of our unlocked phones. If it is CDMA, more than likely you won’t be able to use any phones we sell. There are few exceptions to this; some smaller networks that run on a bigger company’s towers may be able to use the bigger company’s phones. When in doubt, please call your carrier to ask what phones may be used on their network.

Purchasing/Shipping Questions

1. How long does it take to receive my order?
With standard shipping, it will generally take 2-4 business days via USPS priority mail for you to receive your item once shipped. We also have expedited shipping options (second day air and overnight). Please allow 1-2 business days to process your order for shipping once payment is received. Orders placed on Friday-Sunday will ship out the next business day (Monday, unless it is a holiday).

2. How long does overnight shipping take?
Overnight shipping is next business day. Overnight orders placed on Thursday after shipping is done will ship out Friday and will be delivered on Monday. Friday overnight orders will be delivered on Monday as well. My overnight shipment came late.

3. Can I get reimbursed for the shipping?
If your overnight order was delayed due to an error on either our end or UPS's end, we will adjust the shipping cost for you. Please call or email us for assistance with this.

4. What is the cut-off time for shipping?
Monday – Thursday, shipping is done between 9 and 10am EST. All orders placed during or after that time frame are not guaranteed to ship the same day and will otherwise ship out the next business day. Orders placed on Friday are shipped by 9am EST, since we close early every Friday.

5. Do you provide tracking numbers for your orders?
Yes, once items are processed and shipped, we send an email with tracking confirmation.

6. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout and Amazon Payments. We do not accept cash or personal checks.

7. I want to have an order shipped to an address other than my billing, but there is no option for a separate shipping address during checkout. What do I do?
Our direct credit card system only allows us to ship to the confirmed billing address on file with your credit card or bank. To ship to an alternate address, please choose PayPal, Google or Amazon Payments.

8. My order was declined due to an address error, but there is still a charge on my account.
What you have is called a Declined Authorization. Some smaller banks and credit unions will place a hold for the amount that we attempted to charge, even when the payment doesn’t go through. We will not be collecting the payment and the funds should clear back into your available balance within a few business days.

9. I got the tracking confirmation number but it is marked as delivered and I never received it, what do I do?
Unfortunately, we are not responsible items once they are listed as delivered by USPS. If your item is marked as delivered and you didn’t receive it, we suggest contacting your local post office to file a claim with them.

10. How do I get shipping insurance?
We have an option in the dropdown shipping menu during checkout to choose "Shipping with Insurance". It's $12.99 for the first item and $7 for each additional item. This covers items lost in transit only. This does not cover items once they are marked as delivered by USPS. I paid for second day air/overnight, and didn't receive my package.

11. What should I do?
We ship overnight and second day air packages via UPS, so we may be able to file a claim on your behalf. Please call us if you need to file a non receipt claim.

Miscellaneous Questions

1. Do you accept trade ins/do you buy back phones?
We do not accept trade ins, nor do we do buy backs at this time.

2. Do you repair phones?
We do not repair items at this time.

3. What do your different phone conditions mean?
We generally have five different phone conditions: new (brand new in box), Refurbished, Like New (previously owned in excellent cosmetic condition), Pre-owned Nice (previously owned with minor scuffs and/or scratches), and used (definite signs of use; multiple scuffs and scratches).

4. What does Refurbished mean?
Refurbished just means that the phone has been worked on in some way. Some refurbished items may have never been used.

5. Can you tell me why/how my phone was refurbished?
This varies from item to item; some may have been broken and completely rebuilt, some may have just had their housings changed, etc.

6. What do you mean by “no contract”?
When we say no contract, it means that you are just purchasing the phone from us. As we are an independent retailer not affiliated with any of the cell phone providers, it allows you to purchase a phone from us without extending your contract.

7. Your phones are so cheap! What's the catch?
There is no catch! We have been in business for almost ten years; we've built up relationships with a multitude of sources in the industry. We buy hundreds of thousands of phones a year. We use our clout to get phones at fantastic prices, and we pass on the savings to you!

8. Why is there no manual with my phone?
Unless otherwise stated in the item listing, we do not include a user guide with purchase.

9. Do you accept special orders/requests?
We do not take special orders at this time. In general, we only sell items we have in stock. If you have a wholesale request for an item, please call us to inquire.

10. I don’t see my carrier listed here. Can I use any of the phones you sell?
If you have a GSM carrier, you may use any of our unlocked GSM phones (please confirm with your carrier that they support the use of unlocked phones on their network). Otherwise, if you don't see your carrier listed, we don't have any items that will work for you.

Return Questions

1. How do I return an item?
If you need to return an item, please notify us within 30 days from the date of purchase. Please email us at with your full name, order number, and reason for return. Please return the item within 30 of receiving your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

2. Can I get a refund, or can I only exchange items?
We offer exchanges and refunds.

3. I don’t like my phone. Can I get a full refund?
You may return a non defective item, but there is a 20% restocking fee for all returns of items that are not faulty or incorrect.

4. Why do you charge a restocking fee for non defective returns?
We charge a restocking fee to recoup the costs of processing and repackaging the item.

5. Who covers return shipping?
The customer is responsible for all return shipping costs, unless an incorrect item was received or they received an item due to a shipping error.

6. Who covers the shipping of an outgoing exchange?
On defective returns, we cover the shipping of exchange items going to the customer. Non defective exchanges may be subject to paying a reshipping fee.

7. How long am I covered under your return policy?
Under our 30 day Quality Assurance Guarantee, we cover items for 30 days from the date of purchase.

8. What if I am outside of my 30 days and want to return an item?
If you purchased a warranty, you may contact the warranty company directly for more information regarding your options. As we only cover items for the first thirty days, we cannot accept any returns after that timeframe.

9. Do your phones come with a warranty?
As part of our Quality Assurance Guarantee, we cover any technical and/or cosmetic defects for 30 days. For protection after that, you can purchase an extended warranty. You can buy either a one year or a two year warranty at a great price!

10. Who is the warranty through?
Our warranties are offered through CPS, a leading name in the warranty industry. You can visit their website for more information:

11. I want to buy a warranty, but I didn't buy it when I ordered a phone. Is it too late to buy it now?
You have 30 days from the date of purchase to buy a warranty from us. Please call us within 30 days to purchase the warranty if you want one after you place your order.

12. What does the warranty cover?
The warranty covers parts and labor. It does not include loss/ theft, accidental damage/mishandling, or water damage. In other words, the warranty will cover if your screen stops working all of a sudden, but will not cover if you drop your phone and the screen breaks.

13. What are the terms and conditions of the warranty?
You can read the in depth terms and conditions here:

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